Resolutions, Schmesolutions

It’s that time of year again—time to make the old resolutions.  (Well, it was about a week ago.  Obviously, conquering my  procrastination hasn’t been a priority.)  I gave up making resolutions several years ago.  Instead, I make goals, and instead of making them for the year I make them for the month.  That’s not to say I’m successful, but at least I keep on trying.

This year I’m breaking my monthly goals into 3 categories:  Big Things, Routine Things, and Other Things.

For January I have two Big Things because I can’t really put off either one another month, for various reasons.  The first is get all my packages mailed.  This includes shoes I bought online (from HSN and Zappos) that don’t fit, and yes (do I dare admit this?), Christmas packages.  Fortunately, the receivers (my “nibblings”) are not sticklers for opening all Christmas presents on Christmas day.  Like me, they enjoy having something to look forward to even after the holidays are over.

The second is to take my care in for its 30,000 mile service.  Because this is a big one and requires the car stay in the shop for a couple days, I get a loaner car.  But I had let my drivers license expire, which means I wouldn’t be able to get a loaner car.  (And heck, maybe they wouldn’t even give me my own car back.)  But I am legal now, so I have no reason to put it off any longer.

The Routine Thing is to clean out my linen closet.  The lower shelves are the most critical because they include actual linens, rather than miscellaneous items.  Right now these shelves are crammed with several years’ accumulation of sheets.  (The towels aren’t quite so bad.  I took out the old towels a while back to give to the animal shelter.  They’re still sitting in the box waiting to be taken—see procrastination comments above.)

Other Thing is get my finances in order.  I’m not super bad at not paying bills, but certainly not as good as I used to be—nor as good as I want to be.

How am I doing so far?

  • I’ve already mailed back the QVC package, which was the most expensive (a tablet).
  • I’ve cleaned out two of the linen closet shelves and thrown out many items I’d forgotten I had.  What I’ve discovered so far is a plethera of candles.  I’m a bit hesitant to use candles because I invariably forget they’re lit.  But I’ve decided to set a timer every time I light a candle, which will remind me to blow the damn thing out.  (Once these candles are gone, it’s battery operated only.)
  • The bills and finances aren’t sorted out yet, but I’ve made a dent in them.  Granted, it’s a very small dent, but it’s also been a small dent into the new year—and month.  I’m not discouraged.
  • I have been procrastinating on scheduling the car service.  But, it’s my top priority for tomorrow (Monday).  I’ll let you know how I did next week.

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Fan of writing, knitting, sci fi television shows (Supernatural, The Flash, and Outlander in particular), and everything How to Train Your Dragon. Trying to learn photography and relearn knitting.

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